The Solar and Water Tracker and the Sustainability Ticker line the walls of the lobby or INFO HUB.  All are updated throughout the day in real time.


Water Tracker

      * When the cisterns are full, the read-out is completely          colored.

      * As usage occurs, and the tank empties, the read-out            loses it color.


Solar Tracker

      * The more electricity the building has stored, the                  more of the sun is filled with color. 

     * Residents know to use less electricity when the sun

        is closer to empty.


The Sustainability Ticker

      * Represented by the green lines along the top. 

      * It shows the amounts in Daily (D), Weekly (W), and             Year-to-date (Y) numbers.

      * Compost measured in Cubic Yards, Harvest is                       vegetable grown in Pounds, Eggs layed are actual               number.