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Do you need a full home renovation or just a sounding board for your own design ideas?


No matter what your needs or budget, UrbanFutures Design is there for you.  A consultation can help you streamline your ideas, paving the way for your design dreams to become a reality.


   *   You have been wanting to repaint your apartment, but can't figure out what colors would really pull it all together.

   *   You have a lot of stuff (don't we all) and want help finding a place for everything.

   *   You hate the way your furniture is arranged and want to give your apartment a face-lift.

   *   Your office just isn't working for you and you don't know why.

   *   You want a second opinion about a sofa, table or a bed you've been considering buying for ages but just can't pull the trigger.

   *   You want to educate yourself about green products for the home and how they can benefit you and your environment.


The possibilities of a consultation are endless!  All it takes is a desire to transform your space into what you always believed it could be.

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