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sarah k. lippmann 

Sarah is a native New Yorker with a commitment to the environment. She gets excited to cross-pollinate with designers, architects, planners and thinkers on issues of sustainability, fostering a network that is in a balanced existence with nature.  She believes that creativity thrives within structure, and that it is possible to design innovative environmental solutions that reuse, recycle, and are sourced locally into elegant, unique and practical interiors.

As a child, before recycling was the norm, Sarah's parents filled up a station wagon once a month to drop off cans and bottles at a recycling center under the bridge. They taught her to understand the different manufacturing processes that products go through before they make it into a home. 

Sarah spent 17 years as a professional actor before switching careers, and receiving her MS in Interior Design from the Pratt Institute. Her prior creative endeavors and environmental upbringing have served her well, informing and complimenting her design sensibility.  Her life in the theater has given her an ease with collaboration and difficult situations. This has translated into a keen ability to develop strong relationships with clients, as well as enjoying being a member of a larger creative team.

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